As spring gathers momentum and buds shoot out of the ground, rays of the sun makes everything seem radiant with joy. All our products had their birth in nature. We found them amongst sea shells and water droplets. Hidden pleasure beneath rocks and tree stomps. As storms raged and calm evenings flew by, we found inspiration in nature. It’s where Magique came alive. Amongst the herbs and spices; molten leaves and fresh buds; earth and sky.

Today we went for a little walk to find inspiration once more. And there, in the garden, we found the bushes that once upon a time made us come up with the recipe for our first tea. It will be released later in the year. Spending three years developing the brand, creating the products and finding the right suppliers, flying across continents and being faced with an array of difficulties, we found it right to return to our birthplace just in time for the launch. Here we can hear Magique calling our name; feel the essence of who we are. Or maybe it’s just our own soul that laughs with delight as it greets Mother Nature? We don’t know, but we know we developed some delicious herbal teas thanks to this lanscape. One day we hope they will be the perfect gift for someone. That our herbal teas will make someone as happy as they do us when we drink them!

Magique Natural Products



We are a school of seduction, whether we seduce with love, or life. In our boutique you find temptation, romance and sin. And a whole lot of love.

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