Poetic Musings: Because He Walked By

He held the light of early summer in his gaze

His feet were bare and his steps relaxed

The fields swayed to his music

The melody in his blood

It made his steps come alive

Yet his carefree dance along the pavement

Did nothing to hide the depth of his soul

She wanted to dive into his galaxy

And collect stardust

Or some other molecular beauty

To carry a piece of his soul on her own path

She wanted to always have the warmth of his laughter

To make birds sing louder

The twinkle in his eye

In which the sun let its beams linger longer

The dance in his step

That made dust fly up to play with the wind

It was as if the Earth

Always replied to his presence

Each flower more colorful

Each tree more glorious

Because he walked by

Another love poem on our blog. Have you ever fallen in love with the poetic beauty of someone’s soul and the dance in their step? We imagine this man to be free; happiness his greatest companion. 

Magique Poetry

Magique Poetry

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