Poetic Musings: Soul Connection

she loved how it roared

how her senses soared

from the soul connection

the sensation of imperfect perfection

lightning that hits the mountain

making it erupt like a fountain

sprinkles of love

soft like a dove

but with a power of gods

strong as iron rods

a chain woven like steel

the sense of an unbreakable seal

made from the fabric of the soul

etched like burning coal

into the very core

even when apart, always together on the shore

of forever more

Have you ever experienced the sensation of having a soul connection with someone? A friend, a lover, a human that’s part of your journey in life somehow and it seems as if a piece, or two, of your souls are intertwined, locked in a dance of forever? Not necessarily someone you’re always with, sharing huge chunks of your life with, but someone who gets a part of you. Who feels like they understand a part of you, or all of you. Someone who feels like forever a part of your soul. We have. So that’s our poetic musings for today – call it a love poem, call it a friends poem… 

Magique Friendship Poetry

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