words caressing her

like fingers moving across her body

warmth spreading like fire

yet nothing

only stillness

and the words echoing in her mind

dancing in front of her eyes

leaping across the pages

his voice

touching her in unseen places

hidden curves

mischievous angles



making her ache

for more…


to paint her soul with flowers

make her body tingle with pleasure

and her heart giggle its delight

Another love poem on the Magique blog. This one with more erotic undertones. What do you think? Has someone’s words ever felt like a carress across your body and soul? Tickling your heart with their mischieveous meaning? 

Magique Erotic Poetry

Magique Erotic Poetry

We are a school of seduction, whether we seduce with love, or life. In our boutique you find temptation, romance and sin. And a whole lot of love.

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