The moon is full and round and the Earth full of sound…

We were out last night picking ingredients for an herbal brew in the light of the moon, as the frogs and cicadas were singing symphonies and storm clouds were gathering. We couldn’t resist putting together a little poem about it; the perfect “spell” to go with the tea we brewed. With “we” we actually mean Maria, who is on vacation in France, but nonetheless managing our social media and product development as per usual. And there are few things she like more than indulging in the French countryside while coming up with new herbal brews.

As the story goes Maria also has a certain love for the poet Rimbaud and his poem ‘Romances,’ which is about a young man falling for a girl when he is swept away by the feelings of spring and the scent of linden/lime blossoms (not from the lime fruit tree, but rather what is called a lime tree in old English). Yesterday someone who knew Maria’s love of said poem and of making “tisanes” (herbal teas) gave her a branch from a tree and told her to make a tea. So she did.

This tea is perfect for spring and summer nights when you’re looking to indulge in the sweet and refreshing scent of paradise and a lovely night’s sleep. Serve it to a lover to leave them with the taste and scent of paradise as they fall asleep. To get the most from it set some of the ingredients aside in a vase to keep next to the bed. It truly does smell like paradise.

The tea can also be used to calm and freshen your mind; aiding in meditation and concentration. Do not consume large quantities if it is for this purpose as you want to avoid getting sleepy. And please note this article is not for medical use – you should always contact a medical practitioner before consuming anything that may alter your health.

Ingredients (all fresh from the garden/wild):

1 part chamomile

2 parts mint

2 parts lemon balm

1 part lavender flowers

2 parts linden/lime leaves and flowers

1/2 part elderberry flowers

Rinse everything in fresh water, then cover with boiling water and let seep for about five minutes. Can be served with honey.

Some people enjoy simply putting the herbal tea in a glass jar in the moonlight over night and create the infusion that way. Enchanted by moonlight! Just be sure the leaves have been throughly rinsed beforehand.

If you want you can freeze some in for winter; having a sip of freshness in the midst of darkness can be, well, refreshing.

Bedtime Tea for Lovers - Herbal Tea for the Night

Full Moon Spell form Magique

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