We have one requirement for our team: we don't say it's difficult. We show how it can be done.

Monsieur Falconer-Barfield – Chief Magician of Business, UK

Zacchary Falconer-Barfield has run bars and restaurants, been involved in several media and entertainment businesses and had a hand in security businesses too. In fact, he has started thirteen companies and been on the board of twenty-five. Not too bad, as they say in Britain. He got an MBA from CASS School of Business, but more importantly – he was taught to cook by his Gordon Bleu trained mother. Now that’s real skill. He’s currently heading up The Perfect Gentleman, The Suited Chef and Magique. We’d like to think Magique is his favorite.

Mademoiselle Sjogren Montgomery – Creative Enchantress and Manging Director, UK

Maria Montgomery comes from a background in film and theatre, but put her creativitiy to use for business instead, working for companies such as Zeiez and Eyestorm, before Magique. She still helps other businesses with marketing and copywriting in her sparetime as she suffers from an abundance of creative juices. Of course, she also suffers from an irrevocable belief in romance, which made her fall in love with Magique. She’s the in-house poetess and artist, so the Magique poems you read, the designs for cards, etc. were created by her.

Monsieur Cockburn – Operational Magician, UK

As Zach has three businesses to juggle and Maria prefers keeping her head in a creative cloud and became execessively busy once they decided to launch the poetry line, they recruited Alexander Cockburn to join them to ensure the Excel sheets got done, the products taken to the right sales channels and the right import stamp was put on the right product.

Monsieur Dutton – Chief Magician of Business, South Africa

Peter Dutton has spent most of his life doing insurance work for the film industry, having his own business, as well as spending his free time as a philantropist in South Africa, but a chance meeting led to him being enchanted by Magique. Who wouldn’t be?

Monsieur Bland – Magician in the Realm of Sales and Marketing, South Africa

Mark Bland has an intruiging background in the hospitality industry (including as a chef), but we convinced him that he better learn about chocolate instead. No one can resist chocolate, can they?

Monsieur Thomas – People Enchanter, South Africa

Ed Thomas hires and fires people as and when needed. Luckily he comes from an entrepreneurial background and having run a few different businesses can handle people in a charming manner. Indeed an asset!

Monsieur Titus – Advisory Board

Film maverick, online app genius, angel investor and entrepreneur – Richard Titus has done so many things it’s impossible to list them all. We suggest you check his LinkedIn profile to read about his ventures with the BBC, the Daily Mail, his Sundance awards and more. He’s just a good one to know.

Monsieur Robertson – Advisory Board

Let’s rattle it off shall we: Patrick Robertson is a Senior Executive Creative Director and Board Member for numerous agencies. Jupiter Drawing Room CT, Hunt Lascaris, Red Nail, TBWA Maher Bird, London, M&C Saatchi London, WCRS. Patrick, nor surprisingly, advises Mgique where advertising is concerned.

Mademoiselle Andersen – Advisory Board

Christina (Regina) Andersen is a lawyer and human rights advocate. What could better suit Magique?.

The Jesters in the Deck

We’ve used some freelancers to create our brand and whom we’re very thankful to know.

The amazing photographer is Valentina Socci.

The photographer’s assistant and one of our stunning models is Burçin Çebi.

More jaw dropping models include Pernilla Sandelin, Ari Papargyropoulos, Lizelle Gutierrez, Michael Hjelmstad and Maria Montgomery..

Wanna Play?

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