As a social enterprise we donate 3% of the price tag to Little Angels in Cape Town; a registered not-for-profit running a creche in a township. A social enterprise is about more than donations though. It’s about thinking responsibly. At Magique we try as far as possible to source and make our products in South Africa. Some of the ingredients come from different places though, due to availability and quality. Most of our partners have businesses with a social ethos; all foster job creation in Cape Town; and most have some sort of eco-friendly angle or other.

We are now looking to set up a facility for our packaging, which will enable job creation for unemployed people from the townships.

Our motto is that our products should be good for us, others and the planet.

We call our social angle Project Romeo, because the idea is that one day, everyone will fall in love with this idea. We also have some plans for creating various social projects in the townships surrounding a certain play by Shakespeare.