We’re proud to say that our chocolates are made by CocoáFair – a unique social enterprise in Cape Town. CocoàFair have their own modus operandi for creating a business they consider a social enterprise.

First of all, the cocoa they use has been UTZ certified, meaning it is grown and harvested in a a sustainable (eco-friendly) and socially responsible manner and you can trace the beans to the supplier, in this case farmers in Panama. CocoáFair chose to work with their farmers directly, as opposed to buying cocoa through a middleman. What’s more, they pay the current market price for the cacao, plus a premium.

The sugar was sourced in Cape Town from Selati, who work with small farmers locally. Flavoring was also sourced locally from Cape Flavors and CocoáFair only uses natural flavors (oils), though in South Africa you’re not allowed to state it’s “natural flavors/flavoring” on the package.  The soy lecithin used in some of the chocolates is GMO free.

When it comes to staffing, CocoàFair only hires untrained staff for their chocolate factory (you can come see it at the Biscuit Mill – the glass wall lets you see how the chocolate is made in the shop!) and then train them in the art of chocolate making, hence creating work for people without education. Something which is much needed in South Africa. To create further jobs, all chocolates are hand packed.

Magique has worked with CocoàFair to create our own brand of chocolates that are made and packaged by CocoàFair.

To find out more about CocoáFair you can check out their website, or visit them in person!