When we were looking around for a natural body products brand to do business with, Naturals Beauty was recommended to us. Tanya du Bois, the founder, started the company after having a baby back in 2007, when she was alarmed at what goes into mainstream body products. They now use Louise Botes’ tried and tested formulas to create products that have naturally derived ingredients in them (Louise being their contract manufacturer).

We feel incredibly grateful having found Naturals Beauty, who patiently tried out the difference scents for Magique. This led to an array of meetings between Maria and Tanya, as Maria develops each scent for Magique herself, using essential oils and concentrates. During one such meeting Maria was trying to crack the scent for Night (it was very feminine) and Tanya suggested a drop of sandalwood, which changed everything. The scent ended up possibly becoming the most addictive one of the lot.

As we use essential oils which are “live” scents, it takes quite a bit of experimentation to see how the oils will react. But that’s the beauty of Magique – we’ve gone in and created each product to suit a special moment and turned our kitchens into labs in the process and shoved our products into friends’ faces to see how they will react to scents, tastes and descriptions. So far our feedback has been phenomenal, which is a lot thanks to our wonderful partners.

Naturals Beauty and Magique