SoyLites make massage candles from all natural ingredients, the main one being non-GMO soy. They also use a lot of organic virgin coconut oil in their products. For us their candles were a perfect, sexy, addition to our apothecaries. We created our own scents from essential oils and concentrates (you can’t get vanilla essential oil, for example, so we had to use a concentrate from the vanilla plant instead) and SoyLites then make the candles using our scents.

Soy candles burn longer than regular paraffin candles, they are made from a natural product (the soy bean) and the melted wax can be applied directly on the skin, hence making it perfect for a massage candle. SoyLites have experimented in finding the perfect soy wax for the skin as well; something which doesn’t leave you feeling waxy, but rather with smooth, glowing skin. Unless you’re sensitive to soy, it’s proven a very effective balm for the skin; moisturizing it perfectly. According to Colin (our main guy at SoyLites and one of the founders) his dad, who first started experimenting with soy candles in the US for his business, even received a thank you letter on behalf of a dog who had cured his cracked paws with soy from a massage candle! When we expand our range of apothecaries for pets, we will bear this in mind…

SoyLites source their products locally where possible and support the Home of Hope Orphanage for Girls, by supplying them with their own branded candles they can sell. We like their ethos.

Have a look at their website to find out more.

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