The Fishwives Club, a boutique wine label, and Magique have been intertwined since inception as Patrick (the owner) and Maria used to share an office and discuss important things, like where commas should go in advertising slogans for the two brands. Patrick, in fact, designed the logo for Magique, whilst Maria snuck bottles of the Fishwives Club into brand shoots for Magique, to be able to get Patrick some images too. It was Patrick who gave Maria David’s (at Truth) phone number and the rest, as they say, is coffee history.

It was, therefore, only natural that the two brands would end up collaborating, at some point, or another. That collaboration will come into fruition shortly, when The Fishwives Club will be selling a particular Magique gift box with wine in it on their website. There are still debates about the contents of this box – especially the commas in the description. Zach will have final say, with his perfect gentlemanliness.

If you want to find out more about The Fishwives Club you can have a look at their stunning website.

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