TopQualiTea is one of those crazy passionate businesses that were set up to create social and environmental change, whilst simultaneously providing you with the best product possible. They work with small farmers and co-operatives, using certified organic and FairTrade ingredients. Most of their ingredients come with a plethora of other certificates as well and they’re incredibly well connected to their suppliers. Their main teas, honeybush, rooibos and olive leaf, are all sourced in South Africa. Not surprisingly we were drawn to them like a magnet, especially as Sönke, one of their former employees, agreed to meet in the midst of the Christmas holidays, even though everyone in Cape Town is on leave from about the 15th of December till the 15th of January. It went to show some of their dedication not only to their products, but also to customer service.

After a detour to another company that develops recipes for herbal and other teas (something TopQualiTea was not doing at the time), Magique returned to TopQualiTea having decided to create their own recipes and hand them over to TopQualiTea for production. This landed Maria in the kitchen experimenting with tea blends and, later, left Frederika with the job of sourcing top ingredients for the teas. Of course, it also left Magique’s clients with the taste of divinity on their lips…

If you want to find out more about TopQualiTea and the farmers they work with, please have a look at their website.