October 30, 2015

Date Night Recipe: Fall Vegetable Soup

Fall has arrived. The wind howls outside the window. Leaves float on by as raindrops hit the windowpane with a smatter. You’re snuggled up by the fireplace. Big fluffy socks. Big fluffy sweaters. Cups of hot soup. Your lover’s hand feels warm in yours. Still, whilst entangled in warmth, you can feel the fresh rawness of […]
September 7, 2015
Magique Date Night Dessert

Date Night Recipe: Wickedly Delicious Chocolate Pops

Ice cream melts against hot lips. Slowly a drop trickles down the chin. Then another. It looks so soothing and cool in the summer heat. And you lean in. For a kiss or two. What better than an ice cream date to tickle the senses of your lover? Perfect for those last lingering days of […]